“All good things are wild and free.”

Have you ever seen (and heard) an opossum eat? These little ones are currently rehabbing here at Chippewa Valley Wildlife Center and preparing for a return to their natural habitat in Spring. Until then, they are getting spoiled with some of their favorite lunches-cat food mash, grapes, and more!


Ready for lunch!


And everyone’s favorite girl… 

Our super model bobcat, Tilly, is getting so big!


Unbelievably Tilly still has some growing left to do before we release her in a few months.

Like most teenagers she has a endless appetite but has recently decided that she is tired of poultry and now only wants red meat.

Can you help? We can use ground (as long as it is unseasoned) and any cuts.

If you do have any red meat you’d like to donate please call us at 715-838-0326 to set up a time for drop off.

CVWR and Tilly thank you!


To learn more about us and what we do, read on…


You have found us in the wild world of the internet.

We are Chippewa Valley Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc.

And what we do is help keep all good things wild and free.

Chances are if you found us, you’ve also found an animal of some sort that might need help?

If that is the case, CLICK HERE for more information that might help answer your questions. 

If you just want to learn more about who we are and what we do, great! Get comfy and click around. 

You will learn a little bit about us…and see some adorable pictures along the way!  

See! We told ya there would be adorable pictures! 



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