I would like to volunteer!

Helping hands come in all shapes and sizes!


Do you have hands that would like to help paws…and claws, and wings, and web feet, and …well, you get the idea. Great! Our volunteers are a special “pack” and work hard to make wild life our priority and take that responsibility seriously.

If you are patient, compassionate…and don’t mind getting a little dirty (and stinky on occasion) then this might be for you!

Here are some options when it comes to pitching in:

Below you will find information about our volunteer program and how to become a volunteer.

We rely on our volunteers for many critical operations, including:
• Animal Transport
• Assistance with the Wild Ones
• Caging Construction
• Facility Maintenance
• Yard Work
• Solicitation and Pick-up of Auction Items
• Community Outreach Education
• Fundraising Activities
• Grant Writing


For additional information on one of the many opportunities listed, contact CVWR at (715)838-0326.

Elise feeding a new little orphan