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Release Sites Needed

Chippewa Valley Wildlife is always looking for safe places to release hand-raised orphaned Cottontails, Raccoons, Opossums, Gray Squirrels, and Mallards. These release sites need to be private land that is under your control. Raccoons and Opossums need mature deciduous woods with water nearby, preferably with lots of oaks (raccoons love tasty acorns!). Gray Squirrels need similar habitats and a large suburban lot is sometimes suitable as well. Mallards need a large pond, lake or river, preferably with emergent and floating vegetation.

If you’re interested in having Chippewa Valley Wildlife Rehabilitation assess your property for use as a release site. Please click below to download the Release Site Application Form and return it to us when you are done.

CLICK HERE for Release Site Application

Thank you for your interest—We hope to hear from you soon!