What we do

“Wilderness without wildlife is just scenery.” -Lois Crisler

Now that you know more about who we are, how about we cover a little about WHAT we do.

We are Chippewa Valley Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc. (CVWR), and we help rehabilitate animals.


What that means is we focus on the treatment and care of injured, diseased, or orphaned indigenous wildlife, and work for the eventual return of healthy viable animals to appropriate habitats in the wild. We aim to be a safe “visit” for them on their way back into the wild…their real home. We are licensed by the state of Wisconsin to care for the following mammals and waterfowl: Raccoon, Opossum, Rabbit, Squirrel, Weasel, Fox, Chipmunk, Woodchuck, and Mallard Ducks. Simply put, what we do is HELP. We help wild life in our area, we help community members who have questions, we help to educate, and hope to help find a way to all co-exist peacefully in this place we ALL know as home…the Chippewa Valley. It keep us busy. We receive hundreds of injured and/or orphaned animals every year. There are many critters that find us, and no matter what comes our way, our goal is to help as many as we can. When it comes to the hands that help the paws (and claws, and wings…), we have a great “litter” of volunteers!

Elise Bauer founded and runs the center and our volunteer professionals provide rehabilitative care seven days a week, all year long. And while all good things might BE wild and free, saving them is not free. Which is why we are always accepting help in the form of donations to contribute to the cause.


If you are able to donate, we THANK YOU. Chippewa Valley Wildlife does not receive any funding from the Department of Natural Resources, any other government agency, or your tax dollars. Donations are the life-blood of the facility-and we are thankful “FUR” all of the help we receive.